oh dear. just installed the garageband app.

1 note

did I mention I work here now? http://t.co/Vu6HvKmW I may have been to busy to say.

for anthony: http://t.co/h3mzs0eW /cc @gemmacorrell

if you’re seasoned iphone user, you’ve maybe forgotten what the unboxing experience is like for your first one. it’s good.

every time talk talk are played on the radio, I wonder what @currybet is doing.

unthank arms for dinner was a perfect place to end the day

walking with dog in holt country park, then lunch in byfords, before doing trees. proper middle-class sunday before christmas.

just got home from doing this: http://t.co/EbRIG0x7 cold, wet, brilliant

I’ve said it before, but I really don’t see the point of @uxboom

I’m sure there’s a rhyme about red and white wine that I should have been thinking instead of, well, drinking

I have, indeed, played the kanye west album 7 times in a row.

technology issues today mildly annoying, and I don’t even own any apple products.

that cake was wrong. wrong.